Who Invented Homework and Why?

Who Invented Homework and Why

Homework is today a fundamental piece of an instructive procedure. What's more, a large portion of the understudies spot the idea of being given work from home by their speakers.


Homework is today an essential part of an educational process. And most of the students dot the concept of being given work from home by their lecturers. An average student will want to have all the time to do their personal things when they are away from the learning environment. Homework makes learning easier and more effective. Homework can be good or bad and it totally depends on how we look to it. We have been involved in doing the assignment since school years. And very few of us think about who invented the homework. What is the name if that clever person to believe in the magic of homework and when was homework invented and when was this invention is made? What was the primary purpose of homework? Read the following content to know who invented homework, moreover, the practical value of at-home task a teacher puts behind.

Historical Facts

TheMentions of the term refer to the ancient Roman era. Pliny the Younger, the teacher on the oratory is the first person who invented homework, asked his followers in Quintilian to participate in work home activities. This practice was aimed to develop the speaking skills of a person in a more informal atmosphere. The results of homework assignments have been just impressive, and then this teaching approach was used by various tutors moving forward. However, an Italian pedagogue Roberto Nevilis is considered the real inventor of homework. He was the person who invented the homework in 1905 as a punishment for his students. Since that time when homework was invented, this practice has become popular around the globe.

At the end of the 19th century, it is notable due to major changes in the education system. Great developments were accompanied by some changes in terms of how frequently and what kind of homework was given by a tutor. This all affected the quality of education because teachers are following the approach of the tutor who invented the homework considered the fulfillment of homework as an important type of training, it was a compulsory part of the training. From that stance, teaching can hardly move forward without coursework at home. Homework was defined as one form of independent work. Attaching the great importance to the ability of the student to learn independently. In order to perform functions in-home task set by a tutor, it is necessary to meet the following criteria:

  • It must be feasible,

  • It should not be complex and large,

  • It should not be set at the beginning of training until the students learn how to work independently.

Learning at home can contribute so much to the regular studying process. One of the important tasks that modern school is facing is to improve the quality of teaching. And in this concerned the homework plays a vital role, a person who invented the homework is a real hero in this regard. You can gain a lot of knowledge with expert help.

When was homework?

Roberto Nevilis, an Italian pedagogue is a person who invented the homework, we can see obvious improvement and efficiency in the education systems since 1905. Since then when homework was invented there is a real improvement in the education sector. Educators who observe traditional views on the learning process consider that home learning is an important condition for efficient education activities. According to the person who invented homework says that it is a way to develop the student’s initiative, individuality, independence, and creative imagination. Besides the above points, the need for homework is determined by the following factors:

  • During the in-school learning, a concentrated adaptation of the studied material takes place. Later, the gained knowledge is forgotten. To avoid this forgetting, homework is needed,

  • Mastery of scientific concepts requires repeated assimilation and comprehension.

  • The strength and thoroughness of the material assimilation being studied are accomplished only when it is memorization is distributed.

  • Home learning is crucial for the development of student’s creative abilities and talents.

The success of the teaching is determined by success of homework preparing. This facet has been considered since the time homework was invented. Organization of homework is the most difficult thing in this educational and teaching process. Many facets of this problem require the closest attention of the educator.

When developing an assignment for students, teachers should understand that the process of educational material adoption passes though obligatory stages which are:

  • Comprehension

  • Perception

  • Fastening

  • Application of new skills and knowledge in practice.

  • The formulation of the formation of skills.

According to Roberto Nevilis, who is an inventor of school and homework, the academic task provides the following opportunity to the students,

  • To work without haste,

  • To choose the optimal hours of work,

  • To study with no outside estimation,

  • To independently plan the course of work,

  • To involve all the necessary sources of information. Based on the above points, the values of the academic assignments are in;

  • Fixing in remembrance the material disassembled in the classroom,

  • Repetition of prior passed material,

  • Expansion and consolidation of various skills necessary for independent work. The main purpose of the homework:

  • Education of iron-willed efforts of the child, independence and responsibility.

  • Learning the skills of educational work, expressed in different ways of teaching,

  • The formation of student’s research skills such as assumption, comparison, hypothesis construction etc,

  • The formation of the ability to extract the necessary information from various directories, dictionaries, and manuals.

A proper system of assignments homework in each class and the totality of all the classes is a criterion for the students to successfully master the program material. It is necessary to apply different types of homework. The main goal of the educator is the rationale for the type of homework depending on the material being studied. The educator should be able to correctly merge the different variants of homework in each class and in all classes. A good decision would be to get students to think out of the box with outdoor learning.

Types of homework

Since the time when homework was invented, there were not many types of individual tasks. The person who invented school and homework didn’t have a chance to do enough testing on this. It was difficult for him to create a formula of effectiveness at-home studying.
In this decade, teachers navigate the following types of homework in the studying process.

  • Performance of written exercises,

  • Performance of oral exercises,

  • Performance of imaginative works such as “essay help” etc,

  • Learning material under study according to the textbook,

  • Preparation of reports on the studied material such as course work writing etc,

  • Conducting observations and experiments.

With the balanced combination of the above type of homework, it is possible to help Student easily perceive the information.

What is the role of homework in improving the quality of education?

One way to ease the learning process is to improve the organization and content of at-home tasks on the subject. The variety of homework variant is vast. Each of it is aimed at improving the quality of a student’s knowledge, enhancing the studying process and customizing assimilated knowledge. Therefore, psychologists have found that the assimilation of methods and knowledge of activity is crucial. The initial consolidation and perception of knowledge during the lesson with any random effective organization of the study process must necessarily be supported by subsequent applying and thinking new knowledge. And if the initial consolidation and perception of knowledge can be forwarded, the subsequent work is to be independent and individual.
Homework is not meant to control the student. However, it is an opportunity to devote time to the studied subject. In this way, you can systematize knowledge gained in the class and polish your skills on a particular topic. Without completing at-home tasks, the student deprives himself the additional time in studying. The aim of such an assignment is to merge knowledge and practice the skills acquired in the lesson.

Wrapping up

Homework is a really useful tool if it fulfills with certain requirements which it often doesn’t have. However, it is impossible to catch up with all the home assignments as there are 24 hours in a day. More students wonder how to skip than who invented the homework. Try to install school-related mobile and web application to help you with your learning schedule as well as specific homework tasks. Both parents and teachers can help you but do not expect your teacher to help you with homework when it is the examination time. Students, parents and some teachers argue that whether the homework is helpful or not but the concept survived centuries in the educational system, which means that it does help in studying when wisely organized.

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