My Elementary School Kids Won’t Be Doing Their Homework

Homework Is Difficult

Do you feel drawn into a battle over homework with your child every night? There are so many parents like you who say that this is one of the topmost struggles with their kids. If you’re dealing with this right now and you probably dread with this words saying, “ Okay now it’s time to do your homework” because you know what answer you are going to get which is probably screaming, book- throwing, stomping and slamming doors and many disaster actions and behavior. Or it might simply be hours of dealing with your complaining child, disobedient or whining kid or teen who just hates to do the work. Even though your lectures, yell, nag and reasons, nothing seems to change their minds and each night turns into a battle with no victors in it. Even though, if your child asks you, “Can you do my homework for me Mommy” rather than scolding or yelling on him talk to him politely and help him understand the importance of the homework.

Trust us, we get it. Every parent has to admit that dealing with their child’s homework was one of the least favorite experiences as a parent. It often feels overwhelming and you just weren’t equipped to offer the help which they needed. Your child might fool you by pretending that he forgets to do his homework, and might do his homework but not hand it in, do it sloppily or carelessly or not study properly for his test. These are the things that most students try to hold onto the little control they have. When this starts happening, parents feel more and more out of control so they may nag, yell, punish, argue or throw up their hands or over functions for their kids by doing the work for them.

Now the battle between child and arrest is in its full swing: reactivity is heightened as anxiety is elevated and homework is lost in the shuffle. The harsh truth for parents is that they cannot make their children do many things at least in this era, let alone homework. The least you can do is to set limits and respect their individual choices and help motivate them to motivate themselves.

You might be thinking right now to yourself that how can we suggest you anything while we don’t know your child and I can’t motivate him to do anything. Many parents tell us that their children are not motivated to do their work however they are motivated but they just may not be motivated the way you had like them to be. Keep reading this article in order to help you guide them in their work without having to nag, threaten or fight with them.

Remember to keep in your mind that if you carry more stress, worry, fear and disappointments than your child does about his work then ask yourself “What’s wrong with this picture and how it happens?” Remember as long as you carry these concerns then they don’t have to.

However, parents around the world desire to have a magic formula so they can encourage their kids to do their homework. Indeed, it is never as simple as waving a wand, but there are some methods for encouraging kids to develop, improve and even stick to a regular homewrok routine. For some parents, effective encouragement will also about changing your own approach to homework enforcement. Don’t you worry, it’s not as difficult as you think it is just about taking a mile minute out of the day. Create a homework schedule and space, establish clear expectations, consequences and rewards, and approach homework positively.

1.Create a homework schedule and space

  • Pick a quiet spot: Create a quiet place where your children can easily do their homework with full concentration. Keep distractions like music and television away from that area.

  • Set up a separate space for each child: If you have more than one kid than create separate spots for your children to do their homework. You could set up a spot in the living room also in the kitchen and have your children do their homework in their own bedrooms.

  • Make your child's homework a technology-free time: Establish a rule that states homework time will be technology-free, this will keep your kids away from texting or tweeting when they should be studying. And students will pay more attention to their studies rather than asking others to do my homework for me free in cost.

2.Establishing expectations, consequences, and rewards

  • Establish clear expectations: Your children might want to know what is expected to form them in regard to homework. Sit with them and discuss what you expect from them and this include rule that everything gets turned in on time. It is very important to set boundaries and be consistent and stand by your expectations.

  • Avoid using bribes: Bribing is the demotivating approach because any kid who receives bribe on completing homework with an allowance or new toy learns to do the activity for material gain rather than internal fulfillment or for greater understanding. Also, it is important to avoid students to give bribe to whenever they ask for do my homewrok for money because this will encourage them to achieve things through money.

  • Use praise: Praising is the best thing it encourages students to work well in a great way to get a child to be intrinsically motivated. However, intrinsic motivation is all about doing things because they make you feel proud rather than doing them because you get an external reward.

3.Approaching homework positively

  • Make peace with reality: When there are many other interesting things happening in surrounding by means of electronic gadgets age then it is hard to make homework seem appealing. Usually, math is considered the most difficult homewrok and they usually approach and ask to do my math homework for me which is obviously irritating to listen. Sit with them and focus on getting the kids to complete their homework rather than convincing them it is fun. Always keep a positive attitude toward homework.

  • Find a new name for homework: As every parent has listened, “Please Do my homework math Please, I will do everything”. The best thing is to talk about homework in terms that suggest about learning and growing not about the work. If it doesn’t work then change the subject for example if he is doing a math problem than skip it and instruct him to do English homework.

  • Turn homework into the game: Mostly students find homework unrelatable and boring. You are parents so do your best to make it fun such as putting math problems in terms of sweets or snacks. You can also play spelling bee at home or host some math tournament to practice the time tables.

  • Explain the benefits of homework: It is important to talk to your kids about the benefits of homework and how a good education can benefit them in their future life. Tell them that when they become adult they can make more money if they have more education. Talk to them and find out in what careers they had been interested in and explain the type of education necessary for each.

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