Summer Holiday Do My Homework

There are teachers in some schools that assign homework for children to do during the vacations from school in the summer season. Is this important to their academics or does this do more harm than good?

Pros of summer holiday homework

Some students forget the curriculum during the summer holidays. So to help them with remembering and polishing their skills summer holiday homework is necessary. Some people would argue and say that summer homework is actually not important but in reality it is very important. Summer homework is homework made specifically to help a student memories their syllabus so when the school starts they are not burdened and they feel confident about the new school year. Furthermore summer homework helps to prepare a child for the school year as it is a basic insight of what the children should expect with the new school year. Also some children enjoy doing homework as it is their sense of comfortability. What use is going to school if students will just forget what they have learnt during the summer? This is why they should take out a portion of the my homrework holidays to study and do their homework that is assigned to them to help them prepare for the next class adequately as well. This way they will not sit like dumb kids when school reopens. If children hone and sharpen their mind during the holidays they will be better at their school work when school begins which is a huge bonus because they will perform better in tests or exams. This will strengthen their academic drive and make them high achievers which will further help them with getting in to a good college after high school. Admission into a good college strengthens the possibility of a brighter future because of better jobs and it becomes easier to pay bills or even live a lavish lifestyle if one wants.

Cons of summer holiday homework

Summer homework is not all sunshine and rainbows for every child. Children can’t develop the skills they are supposed to develop during these holidays. Holidays represent a time that is supposed to be spent without any restrictions, or school based activities. But summer homework destroys all of these plans. That is why it is disliked by people all over the world. Also kids need to spend time with their family and friends without having to worry about working hard and slaving away over the same studies that they do in school as well. Giving them more Do Your Homework than absolutely necessary only makes them resent what school is all about which is learning or grooming oneself but children start to believe that it is all about work. The metaphor, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ rings true in this situation because working during the year and then working during the summer holidays is so harmful to mental health. The brain needs time to relax as well as it cannot continue to work day in and day out without proper rest. Some teachers just assign homework to follow the guidelines set by the school administration and don’t bother checking it at all which is just a waste as if students are spending their time into doing work and teachers are not even bothering to check it, it’s just a waste. There are also some students who believe that if the homework is not graded there is no need to do it so they just copy it from their friends or do not even bother doing it at all which defeats the whole purpose of homework in the first place which was learning but was not treated as such. There are many other ways for students to learn during the summer and these involve reading books or doing some sort of sports which is helpful to their mental and physical well being whilst homework just adds to the stress and anxiety of a student. Sports help a person stay fit and also help in personality development more than homework does. Even reading a book has so many benefits like the building of one’s vocabulary or the increase in creativity. There is even an increase in the empathy levels of students as they learn about people with all sorts of different lives which also opens their eyes to all sorts of different cultures and religions. Children realize there are people in the world different than them and learn that these differences make us unique. All of this character building or personality development cannot be done by doing something as mundane as homework.

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