Homework strategies for learning

Over the past several years, there have been tremendous progress and advancement in the education sector. Many methods and teaching practices have become obsolete while many new ones have taken over to enhance the effectiveness of the teachers and instructors.

Homework was and still is, one of the most important components of the formal education system in the world. Through a large number of studies and researches it has been proven that students need to study at least one to two hours on daily basis at home in order to increase their learning capabilities and knowledge. It is a great tool for the teachers to gauge the progress and performance of the students in a regular manner. It helps to measure how well the student has grasped the lesson taught in the classroom.

In general, every student in class is responsible for completion of his or her homework and assignments to get good grades. However, there are certain special children in class as well who might have learning difficulties. In order to cater to the needs of such children and students with learning disabilities teachers have to go an extra mile. This means that they have to exert some extra effort in order to teach such students in class.

In general such students also need assistance while completing their homework and assignment. Below are five homework strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities.

  • Simple and focused homework:

Teachers Teachers are the ones who design and draft the homework that will be assigned to the students. They need to be very careful while giving such assignments to the students. Each assignment should be designed in such a way that it should not be too difficult or lengthy for the average student to complete. The instructions of the homework should be very clear and simple. Categorize the assignment into parts for the students to comprehend easily. Ensure that the objective of the assignment is understandable for the students. Set flexible submissions dates and keep reminding the students about the requirements.

  • Ensure homework flexibility:

For students who might have some learning disabilities, teachers need to be a little more flexible than others. They need to make small modifications and changes where and when required. They should be ready to provide some extra assistance to such students by giving them individual time on one to one basis. Teachers should also provide flexibility in the medium and format of the report and let the student submit it in a form he is most comfortable in. the evaluation and checking criteria should also be a little lenient for such students. Overall they should reduce the strictness in the assignment and homework regime for students with special disabilities of learning.

  • Improve their study technique:

Students get distracted by many things while studying and doing their homework. This is not only true for students with learning disabilities but for all students in general. To improve their study routine, teachers can and should play a vital role. This can be done by inquiring about their study location and environment at home, what resources they have for doing their assignments, time available to them complete their homework and the notes they have taken in their lectures. Teachers can chalk out a time table and study plan for the students to follow and complete their assignments. Involvement of parents and guardians is a must in improving the study practices of the students with learning disabilities.

  • Introduce a work planner:

Due to stress and overload of class work and homework, students often fail to manage time and effort. As a consequence they end up failing to submit certain assignments. This is especially true for students with learning disabilities. Teachers and parents should work on a formal lesson planner or calendar, that would highlight all the assignments that they have to complete and submit in a given time period. It will also reflect milestones for them to achieve. This way doing work and assignments would be more sequential and systematic.

  • Communication should be open:

For all students, teachers should maintain an open door policy for communications. They should remain open for questions and queries about the do my homework for me online and do my assignments. Especially for students with disabilities, teachers need to be extra vigilant. They should check their assignments periodically and guide them if they are going in the wrong direction.

Keeping in view the importance of homework in formal education, teachers and parents need to pay extra attention towards children with such learning disabilities.


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