Homework Should Be Banned Discuss the Pros and Cons

Homework Should Be Banned


Homework is the main public and private schooling experience for many of us grew up doing it. Long nights spent on science projects, book reports and all of those repetitive math sheets. In any case, it felt like an unavoidable part of the educational experience. Except you could power through all of your assignments during your free time in class, then you had some time to spend at home working on specific subjects.

Homework has been part of the schooling experience for multiple decades. Undoubtedly, there are some lessons that are perfect for the classroom environment, but on the other hand, there are some things that children can learn better at home in their comfort zone. As a standard rule, the maximum amount of the time, which student should have to spend each day on any lessons outside of the school is 10 minutes per each grade level.

This means that a first-grade student should spend about 10 minutes each night on homework. If you are senior in your high school, then the maximum limit would be two hours. For some students that might be still too much extra time doing work. However, there are some calls to limit the amount of time spend on extra limit of 30 minutes per day at all of the older K-12 grades.

More educational sectors are looking forward to the idea of the banning homework from the modern educational experience. Instead of sending work home with students, try to find alternative ways to ensure that each student can understand the curriculum without involving parental involvement.

Even though banning homework might seem like an unusual process, there are genuine advantages to consider with this effort. On the contrary, there are some disadvantages which some families may encounter as well.

There are several pros and cons of banning homework from the current school structure. The following are the updated list of the pros and cons for your consideration, let’s have a look on them.

List of the pros of banning homework

  1. Homework doesn’t improve student academic outcomes

  2. For modern students, the reality of the homework is that we don’t know if it is helpful to have an extra task assigned to the student outside of the class. Every study has shown many flaws which cause the data collected to be uncertainty at best & Students also search on the internet someone do my homework for me online. However, there is some information to recommend that students in secondary school or higher can get benefit from limited homework, banning it for younger students seems to be beneficial for their learning experience.

  3. Banning homework can decrease burnout issues with students

  4. Teachers are often looking at homework stress in the classroom today more than before. About 25% of grade school teachers say that they have seen stress in the students regarding homework. It can have a tremendous adverse impact on students if they are dealing with the impact of homework.

  5. It can increase the amount of family time

  6. Homework creates a noticeable disruption to family relationships. Over half of the parents in North America say that had an important argument with their children over homework in the past month. 1/3 of the families say that homework is their primary source of struggle in the home. It doesn’t only reduce the amount of time with family, but it reduces the chances that parents have to teach their own belief and skills system to their kids.

  7. It can reduce the negative impact of homework on the student’s health

  8. Many students suffer mentally when they fail to finish a homework assignment on time. Even though assumptions are often made about the time management skills of the student when the outcome occurs, the reasons behind it are usually more complex. It can be too difficult, dull and boring or there is not enough time left in the day to complete the work. When students experience huge failure in this area, it can lead to severe mental health issues. Some perceive themselves as an intellectual failure and believes in an inability to live life successfully. It can discourage a desire to learn in students. However, there is even a risk of suicide of some youth because of this issue. Banning would totally eliminate the risk immediately.

  9. Increases the amount of socialization time

  10. People who tend to spend time in school and then going home to do homework are at higher risk of experiencing isolation and loneliness. When these emotions are alive then the students are more likely to feel down and out by mentally and physically. They often lack meaningful connections with other people. However, these feelings are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. If a student spends time on the homework, then they are not spending time connecting with their friends and family.

  11. The home environment is chaotic

  12. However, some students can do homework in a quiet place while others can’t. There are several events that happen in a home, which distract students from the work that their teachers want them to do. It isn’t just video games, internet, and television, which is problematic. Family issues, household chores, employment can make it a challenge to get the assigned work finished on time.

List of the cons of banning homework

  1. Homework enables parents to be involved with the educational process

  2. It is important that parents need to know what their children are learning in school. Even a parent asks their children about what they are learning, the answer tends to be generalities rather than specific. Sending work home from the classroom will allow parents to see and experience the progress of their children about what they are doing when they are in school during the day. Parents can easily involve the learning process to reinforce the essential concepts that were discovered by their children each day.

  3. Homework can help parents and teachers identify learning abilities

  4. Many children develop a self-defense mechanism in them, which allows them to look like other kids of their classroom. This process allows them to hide their disabilities in learning which may be hindering their academic progress. The homework makes it possible for teachers and parents to identify this issue because kids can’t hide their learning disabilities when they must work 1on1 with their parents on specific subjects. Banning homework means eliminating 50% of the opportunities to identify potential issues immediately.

  5. Homework enables teachers to observe how their students understand the material

  6. Teachers usually use homework as a way to measure how well a student understands the lectures and materials that they are learning in the classroom. However, some might point out that the exams and assignments in the classroom can do the same thing, testing usually requires preparation at home. It creates more stress and anxiety sometimes than even homework does. That is why banning it might be problematic for some students. Some students feel more pressure during quizzes and tests as they are the only measurement of their success.

  7. It teaches the student how to manage their time

  8. With time, people grow older they realize that time is a finite commodity. It is important to manage time wisely in order to maximize productivity. Homework is a way to encourage the development of skills at the very beginning age. The trick is to keep the amount of time for the work to the managerial level. Students should spend 10 minutes doing homework, organize their schedule around this need. If a student is having difficulties to create scheduling then the families should offer a chance to create priorities.

  9. It encourages students to be accountable for their role

  10. Teachers in the classroom offer skill-building and access to the information opportunities that can improve the quality of life for every student. Faculty chore is to find the curriculum that will benefit the students in an efficient way. Parents try their best to ensure that their kids make it to school on time, communicate with their school district and follow healthy routines to ensure the most effective learning opportunities possible. None of all that matters if the student is not invested in the work. Homework not only teaches children how to work independently, but it also teaches children how to take responsibility for their part of the overall educational process.

  11. Teaches important life lessons

  12. Homework is an important tool in the development of life lessons such as comprehending something or communicating with others on something they have just read. It teaches kids how to solve problems, think and even build an understanding of the issues that occur in our current society.

Final words

Ultimately, the decision of banning homework or not, or simply minimize homework quantity, totally depends on each individual district and educator. However, parents always have the option to pursue homeschooling or take “online homework help” if they disagree with the decision made in this area.

One way is to ban homework entirely. By taking action that would require parents and teachers to be proactive in their communication, it could help to equalize the educational opportunities in the classroom.

Until more research occurs in the area, the pros and cons of banning homework are simply subjective cases. If you feel that your child would benefit from a reduced workload, then speak to your child’s teacher to see if this is an option. For teens and older students, there is always an option to adopt any form of education, such as vocational school or an apprenticeship if the traditional schooling doesn’t seem to be working.


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